Klyde Warren Park - a Dallas Oasis

Klyde Warren Park is a testament to the creativity and connectivity of Dallas. The 5.2 acre park is settled in the middle of the city, built over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway. Originally created to stifle the noise from the freeway underneath, Klyde Warren has quickly become one of Dallas’ most beloved parks. The greenspace provides a venue for the citizens of Dallas to have some time outdoors without having to look too far, and acts as a town square of sorts, a space to come together and make some memories.


Part of Klyde Warren’s daily free programs are their fitness meet-ups, such as the giant yoga session held each Saturday by Exhale Dallas. The park also offers other exercise classes such as Zumba, ballroom dancing, tai chi, and boot camps! You can use the park as a place to get some exercise independently as well, of course. Take a run or a walk around while getting some natural vitamin D from your time outside! As an added bonus, exercise has been shown to help increase endorphins and lower stress hormones, as has being near trees, so this little bit of green has the potential to bring you a whole lot of healthy, both physically and mentally! 


This park is fantastic for people of all ages. There’s something for everyone, from grandparent to grandchild. Kids, as with any park, will find plenty to keep themselves occupied for hours on end. Klyde Warren has a fun-filled children’s playground with great multi-dimensional climb spaces, a merry-go-round, and much more to entertain and engage the children who come to play, no matter their play style. They’ll never want to leave!


When it’s time for lunch, head on over to the line of food trucks which constantly breathe out the tempting aroma of barbeque, tex-mex, and pizza across the park. You’re bound to find something (or perhaps even a mountain of things) you’ll love amongst the cornucopia of delicious foods offered at each truck. 


There is so much to do here. From croquet to chess, Klyde Warren has an outrageous number of activities and equipment available that you’ll have to come back multiple times to enjoy it all. That doesn’t even include all the wonderful shows and programs that come into the park each week! The staff of Klyde Warren have dedicated themselves to enriching the lives of their visitors and offer things like outdoor concerts and films (when the weather permits). 

Just over 5 acres may not seem like much, but Klyde Warren Park packs so much fun into the space that it feels larger-than-life. Enjoy a picnic, fly a kite, bring a frisbee, lay out a yoga mat, sit and read… there are immeasurable options for having a wonderful day your own way at this little haven deep in the heart of Dallas. Want to see more of Dallas’ hidden gems? Take our “Best of Dallas” for some insights into the little things you might have overlooked about the “Big D”!