Visitors Guide - Trinity Groves

If you’re in the mood to try something new, you go to Trinity Groves. This neighborhood puts exceptional emphasis on innovation, and though the area is known for its variety of unique restaurants (through the “Incubator” program), the rest of the community is just as exciting.

Continental Avenue Bridge

The Continental Avenue Bridge was originally built in 1933 as a viaduct meant to reconnect downtown to West Dallas after the most devastating flood in Dallas history in 1908. For many years, the bridge was vehicles-only, but with the development of the Margaret Hunt-Hill Bridge, plans were set in motion to transform the viaduct into a pedestrian park!

The converted green space (only one of Dallas’ growing number of bridge parks) now provides a lovely way for environmentally-friendly visitors to reach Trinity Groves, but it’s also an attraction in and of itself. The park has a gorgeous view of downtown Dallas for photography lovers, for starters, but there is also plenty of play space for the whole family. Try out some life-size chess or bocce ball!

Beto & Son

Looking for the perfect plate to add to your Instagram? Look no further than Beto & Son, as one of the most successful restaurants in Trinity Grove’s “Restaurant Incubator,” they have labelled their cuisine “next-gen” Mexican food. The food looks almost too good to eat, but you’ll have a hard time waiting long enough to get the picture taken before you’re tucking in.

Try one of their liquid nitrogen margaritas prepared tableside and watch as the margarita freezes nearly instantly. Dallas is home to the original margarita machine, and Beto & Son is definitely keeping up the tradition of finding new ways to enjoy tequila (which is their own brand, picked out in Jalisco, by the way). While you’re working up an appetite, be sure to order their famous ceviche tower for a truly Insta-worthy experience brought to you on a platter.

Kate Weiser Chocolate

Sweet shop creating handcrafted chocolates, caramels & other candies, plus housemade ice cream. Kate Weiser's hand-painted chocolates have won her recognition as Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America by Dessert Professional Magazine in 2014

Have you heard the term “edible art?” 

Kate Weiser Chocolate takes sugar to a whole new level with gorgeous sweets that will make you want to get your food framed. The delicate little morsels are handcrafted and displayed like jewels in glass cabinets, and you’ll want to give yourself enough time to shop around, because it’s going to be hard to choose just one. Or two. Or twelve.

You can’t just stop there, though. Kate Weiser is the bon bon queen, and you’re going to want to get your hands on some of those before you leave. Make sure you also grab a side of indulgent ice cream and some marvelous macaroons. 

Just a warning: If you’re on a diet, avoid this shop at all costs, y’all (speaking from experience, here).

V-Eats Modern Vegan

Texas is known for its barbecue, but the Trinity Groves area is notorious for finding more environmentally friendly ways to enjoy everyday life, so it comes as no surprise that the neighborhood is home to one of Dallas’ premier vegan eateries. V-Eats is fully plant-based, but you might not be able to tell by just looking at the foods.

The restaurant offers a number of delicious salads, as expected, but they’ll surprise you with the range of meat substitute creations offered. Hear us out, vegan brisket is awesome, and it just gets better when you know you’re eating cruelty-free. This restaurant is a true lifesaver for any BBQ fan trying to ease themselves into a plant-based diet.

Fabrication Yard

The Fabrication Yard: Dallas' only free wall, a dream for graffiti taggers.

If you’ve ever been to Graffiti Park in Austin or the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, you’ll feel right at home in Dallas’ own legal creative free-for-all. The Fabrication Yard is an abandoned warehouse that has been transformed into an ever-evolving artistic display. 

Originally born out of a desire to keep illegal tagging down by providing an artistic space for spontaneous murals to go up as they pleased, the yard has become a favorite place for photoshoots and a meandering walk. Be sure to bring your own can of spray paint to leave your mark on one of the largest group projects in the city!

Cake Bar

Owner Tracy German first began selling cakes out of her home after she was laid off. Weekends spent selling hundreds of slices of homemade, delicious cakes eventually turned into a full business in the Trinity Groves incubator. 

Her southern-style cakes taste like home. If you’re looking for a recommendation on which slice to pick, you’d be best off throwing a dart and seeing which cake you hit. They’re all scrumptious. One of their bestsellers is the strawberry cake, with seasonal fresh strawberries on top. If you’re looking for a Dallas Classic, however, try their German chocolate cake. Did you know that German chocolate cake was actually invented in Dallas? The title isn’t even a reference to the country of Germany, but instead to another Dallas cake enthusiast with the last name of German, who submitted the recipe to the Dallas Morning News! We’re not sure if there’s any relation between the two cake creators, but one thing’s for sure, Cake Bar takes the cake for the best slice in Dallas.

Four Corners Brewing Co.

Urban craft brewery in a former carriage house, with guided tours & a taproom hosting weekly events.

When the weekend hits, you’re going to want to find yourself in a seat at Four Corners. If you’re a fan of Lotería, then you’re going to really dig the aesthetics of this brewhouse. They offer craft beers with fantastic names like “Queen Bee” and “Heart O’ Texas”.

Grab yourself a brew, then head outside for some larger-than-life fun. They’ve got giant Jenga. And we don’t mean “just-slightly-larger-than-normal” Jenga. We mean GIANT “you’d-better-run-if-it-falls” Jenga. We mean it, everything is bigger in Texas.