• The Kennedys arrive at Love Field in Dallas on a trip to advance the upcoming 1964 campaign.
  • Kennedy slumps in the back seat of the car and his wife leans over to him as Secret Service Agent Clinton Hill rides on the back of the car.
  • American broadcast journalist and anchorman Walter Cronkite removes his glasses and prepares to announce Kennedy's death. CBS broadcast the first nationwide TV news bulletin reporting on the shooting.
  • Police mug shot of Lee Harvey Oswald. He is arraigned in the slaying of Officer Tippit on November 22 and/or the murder of the president the next day. As Oswald is being transferred from the Dallas city jail to the county jail, nightclub owner Jack Ruby shoots and kills him, an event captured live on TV. Ruby is arrested immediately.

JFK Assassination Trail - Walking Tour


We will revisit the events that changed American history on November 22nd, 1963. Most people are familiar with the Sixth Floor Museum (the site from which Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired the deadly shots), but we will also show you the many other places around Dallas associated with the assassination that are just as important.

This walking tour includes exclusive access to Oswald's Rooming House (we will arrive to the house using the city's streetcar). We will also visit the location where Oswald’s infamous rifle picture was taken. Our last stop is at the Texas Theater where the “alleged murderer” was captured.

Every Day Starting at 10:00AM, our pickup location is at the Latin Deli located at 701 Commerce St #120, Dallas, TX 75202.

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