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President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Arrive in Dallas


This tour delves into one of the most intriguing mysteries of our time: the world-changing assassination of President Kennedy. We explore the facts and examine the incredible coincidences and timing that culminated in the event that shocked the world.

Picture of President Kennedy in the limousine in Dallas, Texas, on Main Street, minutes before the assassination. Also in the presidential limousine are Jackie Kennedy, Texas Governor John Connally, and his wife, Nellie.


This unique, live narrated bus tour will revisit the events that changed American history on November 22nd, 1963. Most people are familiar with the Sixth Floor Museum, the site from which Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired the deadly shots, but we will also take you on an unforgettable journey back in time to explore other places around Dallas associated with the assassination that are just as important.

Upward view of skyscrapers against blue sky in the business district area of downtown Dallas, Texas, USA.


The best way to discover Dallas is by walking the city. We will walk around two and a half miles starting at the West End Historic District, Dallas' oldest section, and make our way to the Dallas Art District, downtown's cultural hub.

Dallas Skyline and Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge from Continental Avenue Bridge West Dallas.


Discover Dallas' rich culture, history & architecture. We will explore not just the iconic sites, but seldom visited hidden gems that most visitors never get to experience. This is a comprehensive sightseeing tour of Dallas guided by a professional local tour guide in a climate-controlled van.


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Fort Worth Sightseeing Tour

Fort Worth Sightseeing Tour

We’ve curated the quintessential Fort Worth experience into a 6 hour sightseeing tour. We will explore the many forces that have shaped the city from past to present, visit many historical and cultural sites and take you back in time to discover why Fort Worth is called “Where the West Begins.”

McKinney TX, Sightseeing Tour

Mckinney Sightseeing TOUR

Join us as we walk back in time to the prairie lands of north Texas on our McKinney excursion. Relive the stories of pioneers, settlers, bandits, and businessmen that gave birth to the seat of Collin county. Be captivated by the old and the new. McKinney’s spirit, unique, rich, and diverse, has been preserved by gently mixing the old with a vibrant present. In part because of the history that shaped it, McKinney is unique by nature.

Grapevine Sightseeing and Wine Trail Tour

Grapevine Sightseeing and Wine Trail Tour

Join us on our Grapevine excursion as we walk into the past via the bustle sidewalks of downtown. Pick up a glass of local Chardonnay a learn how Grapevine is Aged to Perfection.

Waco - Magnolia Sightseeing Tour

Waco Sightseeing Tour

The birthplace of Dr. Pepper and the hit television show Fixer Upper, Waco has a lot to offer. With breathtaking scenic views, rushing rivers, and incredible people Waco is among one of the most unique places in Texas.

Tacos and Tequila Tour - Dallas Fort Worth Food Tour

Taco & Tequila TOUR

An homage to North Texas' vibrant food scene and its international influences. Discover three of the best local mexican/tex-mex food establishments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Dallas Fort Worth Wine Trail Tour

City Wine Trail

A growing number of wineries and winemakers in North Texas are opting for setting up shop in surprisingly urban settings. Tasting rooms are now concentrated in cities, towns, and communities, creating incredible wine trails that allow us to enjoy wines from the source without having to stray too far from ing the city.

Dallas Fort Worth Brewery Tour

Brewery Tour

North Texas has become a focal point for the craft beer movement nationwide, with dozens of new breweries opening across the area. We will explore the blossoming craft beer scene in the company of a local expert, this tasting tour will take you to some of the most popular establishments but also to hard-to-find local brewery springing up around the metroplex.

Dallas Fort Worth Vineyard Tour


What better way to spend a day in North Texas than check out three vineyards that are winning some serious national attention? Highly-recommended from past customers. These tours are our go-tos for good reasons. They offer a wine-enthusiast-approved selection of wine, beautiful scenery that is unique to its own location and a group-friendly atmosphere.

Bachelorette Wine Tour

What better way to celebrate a new chapter in life than to discover the North Texas wine country with some of your best girlfriends? You can relax and leave the day’s planning to us. Our exclusive bachelorette wine tours include round-trip transporation, wine tastings fees at each winery visited, and lunch. One of our experienced event coordinators will work with you to plan a route based on your requirements.

VIP tour of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Dallas Cowboys Tour

Come with us in our Sports Fan Tour, we will show the venues where history has been made, enjoy a VIP tour of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and take a closer look at what makes Dallas such as exceptional destination for sports fans all over the world.

Dallas True Crime Tour.

True Crime Tour

Horrific murders, bloody crimes, mysterious deaths, this tour is not for the faint of heart! Join us as we tell some of Dallas’ most gruesome tales. Go in between the history pages of Bonnie and Clyde. Learn about how Dallas almost stopped the man who was ‘Born To Kill’. Your tour guide will give you the stories as they happened without pulling any punches.

The story of the two bank-robbing lovers continues to chase us, when their elusiveness is what made it famous. It would be ironic if the characters on our screens and in our stories were more like the real people: hopeless, desperate to be remembered and willing to take lives to make it happen.

Bonnie and Clyde Tour

More than eighty five years after their deaths, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are inescapable. Are they mass murdering psychos, brilliant bank robbers, or just two crazy kids with nothing to lose?

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