JFK Assassination TOUR


Listen to the tour intro by Mr. Gary J. Lovell
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Around an hour
Few blocks around Dealey Plaza
John Neely Bryan Cabin
600 Elm Street, Dallas TX, 75202.

Most Popular JFK SELF-GUIDED Tour

There have been hundreds of thousands of news articles and hundreds of books written on the assassination, the people involved, and the aftermath of the events; movies, TV series, and documentaries, but none of those are comparable to experiencing the events where they took place.

The amount of information available on the president's murder is staggering, that is, without taking into account the endless number of conspiracy theories (by the way, we cover a couple during our program) about who did what, and which bullet went where. We could talk about the events on November 22nd, 1963 for weeks, but we want to make this tour interesting, enjoyable, and entertaining, so we cover all the important information in an hour.

If you prefer a guided tour, please visit the private tour page. We required at least six guests to operate a private tour.